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Do You Owe Sales Tax & Not Realize You Do?

Many states are in a state of budget deficit and are looking for ways to fill that gap in the shortest time possible. They are searching really hard for new income source, and many of them may be on their way to finding one in the form of owed sales taxes to them – plus fees. They are creating means to get their monies in, such as


Advantages and Disadvantages of Doing
Your Own Bookkeeping

There are five (5) key questions that must be answered before making a decision to do your own bookkeeping versus hiring a professional: How big is your business? What is its growth forecast? How complex are its finances? What can your business afford? Are you competent and knowledgeable enough in this field to handle your own bookkeeping? If you can answer the abovementioned questions honestly, your decision


Better Bookkeeping Tips for “Do-It-Yourself”
Business Owners

For any number of reasons, you may opt to do your bookkeeping on your own instead of hiring a bookkeeper in-house or outsourcing your bookkeeping. Like many things, there are advantages and disadvantages to doing your own bookkeeping, but with some basic accounting knowledge and a keen eye for detail you should be able to pull it off. Here are a few tips to help you as


Getting Set for a Smooth Year-End Transition

It is fast approaching year-end, and now is the time to take stock of your financials as far as your bookkeeping, especially if you are a one-man show. Yes, there are three (3) months to go before we actually hit the end of the year, but wasn’t it just year-end and tax time? Not quite sure where time is going, but the next three months will pass


Protect Your Confidential Waste (With A Shredder)

A shredder is one of the most essential items for any business or individual to have and use, yet one that is highly overlooked. Confidential information are almost always included in our correspondence, and some of them are not always necessary to keep. These unwanted paperwork are often tossed into the trash without any thought about how they will be handled or where they may end up.


Minimize Your Risk of Being Hacked

In the same way most of us get out of bed each day and look forward to carrying on our productive lifestyle, there are some who get up with the same enthusiasm to set in motion their disastrous, destructive plans of varying degree such as hacking. You may have already been directly affected by the password thefts at LinkedIn last year or Evernote this year, or have


Startup Business Bookkeeping Tips

Depending on the type of business you are operating, you may not have a vast amount of bookkeeping to be done on the first day – or even week you open for business; however, you should setup a bookkeeping and accounting system at your earliest, and make an effort to document all transactions starting on the very first day. This may not be an easy feat since


Stepping Back and “Fully” Accepting Help
When Necessary

Running a business can be exhausting, and many business owners find it very hard to delegate miniature tasks and let go – fully, of those tasks. Fully, meaning letting go of tasks and not the entire business; letting go of the task(s) given out to be done without hovering or hindering the process. For example, I got a call a few days ago from a concerned small