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Reconciling Accounts Receivable

Managing your accounts receivable is very important because the timing of receivables plays a major role in your company’s cash flow. In addition, you want to ensure your customer balances are accurate, and your receivables current, based on the terms of service you offered your customers. Reconciling the individual customer account balances with the general ledger balance establishes the accuracy of the balance sheet asset. Reconciliation of


Reconciling Your Business Accounts

Reconciling all your accounts on a monthly basis is the single most important thing you could do for yourself and your business. There are numerous software available to help make this process effortless, but regardless of the software or lack thereof, monthly reconciliations must be done in order to avoid costly mistakes. Why reconciling your accounts is so important Reconciliation is so important because it is the


Do You Owe Sales Tax & Not Realize You Do?

Many states are in a state of budget deficit and are looking for ways to fill that gap in the shortest time possible. They are searching really hard for new income source, and many of them may be on their way to finding one in the form of owed sales taxes to them – plus fees. They are creating means to get their monies in, such as